Our Story


Jesse and I are so happy to share with you our love of everything outdoors and everything Appalachia. Starting a campervan rental company wasn’t ever a dream really, but rather an opportunity that presented itself and that we deeply believed would help our state.  

Years ago we began traveling across the US, and quickly fell in love with RV-ing, and eventually moved into a RV for four and half months as campsite hosts atop a volcano in Oregon.  While the west is beautiful beyond measure with its Rockies and deserts and Redwoods, the east has the Appalachians, mountains older and wiser than any found west of the great Mississippi.

With two small children, traveling in a RV gave us the opportunity to travel with our girls in a space that was comfortable and flexible, but we learned very quickly that the traditional RV often limits just where you can go. When we found the campervan, it immediately became our very favorite way to travel! Not only did it offer a room-on-the-road, but they are small enough that they can go many places traditional RVs couldn’t while also allowing us the space we needed for our family.

And most importantly, it wasn’t terrifying to drive down winding country roads! 

It was from our love of traveling and frustration that we couldn’t do the same within the Appalachian region without buying our own campervan that the idea of VanGo Campervans was born. After researching the market, we realized there was a gap in the campervan rental market in the Appalachian region.  Although West Virginia is known for its natural beauty and amazing recreational opportunities, its accommodations are limited while camping spots certainly aren’t.  It lacks a convenient and affordable way for tourists to explore the region, and with the recent investment in building its tourism industry, it seemed the perfect time to begin VanGo Campervans in the early winter of 2021, and offer others the opportunity to explore all things wild and wonderful.

Campervans are the perfect way to travel and explore new places, especially the many remote areas of West Virginia that no highway leads to.  They provide a sense of freedom and flexibility, are easy to drive and can be parked in almost any location.  That’s VanGo Campervans mission; to provide high-quality campervans at an affordable price, while also promoting sustainable tourism in a region in desperate need of economic revitalization while also preserving its natural beauty. Our campervans are equipped with solar panels and other environmentally-friendly features, and we provide our customers with information about the best practices for responsible camping.

Vanlife is a cultural movement.  But you don’t have to move into a van permanently to experience it.We’re excited to share the beauty of West Virginia with others, and believe VanGo Campervans are the best way to experience the freedom of vanlife, on their own terms, so they, too, can find their very own starry night. 

 ~Tiphani & Jesse